AW2017 - Behind the Scenes

Not too long ago I had the AW2017 photo shoot for the new collection of Chie Mihara shoes, which by the way, have been added to the Hayworths online store.  I recently wrote a blog about the Chie Mihara brand and also the 3 styles of shoes I now have as part of the Hayworths curated collection of shoes.  You can read the blog here.

Being a small business and not having a massive budget for photo shoots you definitely become resourceful and creative to try and get the look/feel you’re going for.  My inspiration for the AW2017 shoot was the fashion label Biba (a British fashion label which was around during the 60s-70s) and a good dose of 70s glam. You can see some of the images that inspired me by checking out my Pinterest Board.

The day started with hair and make-up by the talented Lindsey Gibbins. It was all about the big hair for this shoot.  The two gorgeous models for the day were Grace Gray and Aaliyah Wood.

AW2017 photo shoot chie mihara

AW2017 photo shoot chie mihara

The photo shoot was done in my summer house and to create a variety of interesting shots I borrowed some beautiful vintage chairs from Kerry who runs her own interiors business The Joyful Home Company. Kerry also kindly loaned me her lovely gold framed mirror from her own personal collection.

Next up was the styling and getting the clothing sorted. Once again, Tillie from The Bearded Gypsy did an insanely good job at nailing the styling side of things.

styling the photo shoot

Once the clothing and outfits were sorted for each of the shoes that were part of the shoot, it was then time to get started with the shots.  Cristina Schek was the photographer for the day. This was the second time I’d worked with Cristina. She's such a creative, energetic person and constantly coming up with unique ideas to get a great shot.

AW2017 photo shoot

AW2017 photo shoot chie mihara

I can’t resist getting my Greyhounds (Rambler and Cilla) in the photos, they seem to like getting in the photos too! They did what any good Greyhound does…chill out and generally laze about while we’re all busy trying to get some awesome shots.  

AW2017 Chie Mihara photo shoot
In the near future you’ll see the edited photos from the AW2017 photoshoot on the Hayworths website and through the Hayworths social media feeds.

Til next time



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