Behind the Scenes - First Hayworths Photo Shoot

Setting up a new business has definitely been a steep learning curve! Especially when I’ve come from a background in corporate responsibility and I’ve embarked on setting up an on-line store and entered the world of retailing.  Although I’m a newbie to retailing, I’ve focused on vintage inspired fashion, which has been a passion of mine since I can remember.

A little while back I organised the first photo shoot for the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection of vintage inspired shoes and discovered that there is a lot to think about and plan!  From booking a photographer and make-up/hair stylist, to finding models (in my case, roping in 3 friends and using my beloved greyhound Rambler), deciding on the location, figuring out what each model is going to wear and getting the styling right in terms of the ‘look’ I was going for.  Keeping the Hayworths brand consistent, I went for a simple, elegant and understated look with clothing and hair/make-up.  I wanted to make sure the collection of vintage inspired shoes were the focal point of each outfit.Hayworths Fashion Shoot - hair and make-upfashion shoot - vintage inspired collection of shoesOne of the key lessons I learnt though from organising the first photo shoot is to allow oodles of time in between receiving my delivery of shoes and picking a date for the photo shoot.   There had been a delay at customs and the shoe supplier wasn’t able to get the shoes in time for the photo shoot.  Plan B was to use the shoe samples the supplier had in their showroom.  Shoe samples tend to come in smaller sizes, so lucky for me all my friends who were modelling had size 4/5 feet…!

To help me plan the photo shoot I set up a mood board on Pinterest and shared this with the photographer, make-up/hair stylist and also a good friend who is a fashion designer and has a great eye for styling and putting together styles/outfits that fit in with the Hayworths look and feel.

Now I’ve done the first photo shoot I feel a lot more confident about planning the next photo shoot and showing the new collection of shoes for Spring/Summer 2017. 

Hayworths Fashion Shoot - Vintage Inspired Shoes and Accessories

All the shoes featured in the Autumn/Winter 2016 photo shoot can be bought through the Hayworths on-line store.  

I’ll be adding more styles of vintage inspired shoes with a couple of exciting new shoe brands hopefully by next April/May 2017.  So stay tuned!!

If you have any favourite vintage inspired shoe or accessories brands that you would like to see sold through the Hayworths on-line store, please drop me a line at and all suggestions will be considered.

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