On the 11 December 2016 I will be going along to the Christmas Vintage Fair in Benfleet, Essex (UK) to promote my business Hayworths and of course hopefully sell the vintage inspired shoes and accessories which will be sold through the Hayworths e-commerce store. 

Being a new e-commerce business it's important to get 'out and about' and go along to events like these.  It's also great fun meeting the other stall holders and the lovely people/customers who visit the stall.  

This will be the second vintage fair I've gone to - so I've got a bit more of a clue about how things work and setting up the table to make it look nice.  I was really happy to sell my very first pair of shoes at the last vintage fair! It was lucky I bought an iZettle card reader to take payments, as the customer who bought the shoes didn't have any cash. I'd definitely recommend taking a card reader to events like these if you're a market trader - just so you don't miss out on any potential sales if the customer doesn't have cash. 

At the last vintage fair I went to I guess the Hayworths table was quite 'minimalist' compared to the other stalls - but in my personal life I generally keep things fairly simple and understated, so I applied the same approach to setting up the stall (rightly or wrongly...) :)

Hayworths stall at Ware Drill Hall Vintage Fair

Anyway, if any lovely people reading this are in Essex (UK) that day and want to come say 'Hi' on the 11 December 2016 and also check out the vintage inspired shoes and accessories, I've popped details below:

Sunday, 11 December
10:30 AM - 4 PM
Runnymede Hall, A13 Kiln Road, Benfleet, Essex. SS7 1TF
Entry Fee: £3 per person

The vintage fair is being run by Haddon Events and you can find more details about this fair and other vintage fairs on their website:  



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