Growing the Hayworths Shoe Range throughout 2017

There are two vintage style shoe brands I’ve had my eye on for a wee while, which I think will make a great addition to the Hayworths range of shoes and on-line shop.  Although I’ve started off with a small range of shoes on the on-line shop, I want to give more choice to customers and provide more vintage inspired shoes and price ranges to suit a variety of budgets.  So throughout 2017 I’ll be stocking more brands – good times!

First brand up which I’ll be stocking is ‘Lotta from Stockholm’. They have a great range of 70’s inspired clogs.  You may be thinking ‘I’m not a big fan of clogs…’, but these are clogs with a difference!  The styles I’ll be stocking are cute and a bit quirky and are super for the warmer months.
vintage style shoes

So what’s good about ‘em I hear you say? Well…. They have great ‘ethical’ cred for starters. All of Lotta's clogs are handmade in Sweden by a family owned company who have been making clogs since 1860. The soles are made from sustainable Swedish Alder wood and the leather is chrome free and vegetable tanned in Italy. The heel height is either 5cm or 7cm with a 2cm platform, perfect for those of us who aren’t great in big heels. Also, the clogs have anatomically correct shaping of the footbed ensuring you can wear them all day.  Oh, and they are great value for money, they will be selling for under £65.  

Here’s a sneak peak of two of the styles that will be stocked from around March/April 2017.  I will be looking at having two colours for each style. Let me know which colours you'd like to see on the Hayworths on-line shop!! It would be great to know what colours are popular with the lovely folk out there, so leave a comment on the blog if you like a particular colour!

First Style - Low Heel Peep Toe Clog (5cm Heel)

clogs vintage style shoepeep toe clogs vintage style

Second Style - High Heel Braided Clog (7cm Heel)

vintage style clog shoe

Next brand I’m hoping to add to the Hayworths range is ‘Chie Mihara’.  I’ve been lusting after a number of Chie’s shoes for quite a while.  I love the way she combines a vintage edge, exquisite design and super high quality.   Chie Mihara launched her shoe line in Spain back in 2002 to offer women shoes so that they can feel feminine and elegant but not give up comfort.  Chie draws on vintage influences ranging from 30’s femininity to 80’s humour.  She takes styles/details from the past and re-works them to reflect contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion.  All the shoes are handmade by an in-house team based at Chie Mihara's factory in Spain.

I’m looking at getting the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection and all going well these will be available on the shop sometime in August/Sept.

Below are some of the beautiful vintage inspired shoes from Chie’s past collections to give you a flavour of what the shoes look like. 

timeless and elegant womens shoes

You can shop the current range of vintage style shoes on the Hayworths on-line shop at

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