Hayworths Meets - Claire of Delicious Monster Tea

In our new blog series 'Hayworths Meets...', we talk to inspirational and creative women and get an insight in to what makes them tick.  We also delve a little bit in to their personal style and find out who or what has influenced them. 

In this interview we meet Claire of Delicious Monster Tea who runs her own business alongside her day job.

What’s your business all about?

Bespoke, hand-embroidered t-shirts celebrating femininity and girl power, with a healthy pinch of sass.

Describe your career path so far

Less a path, more a series of random leaps into the unknown! I graduated in Economics and since then have been a primary school teacher, a nanny, a private maths tutor and have worked in several office jobs. I'm still not sure what I want to do when I'm a grown up, but at the moment I work full time in an office job whilst running Delicious Monster Tea in the evenings.

T-shirts embroidery Delicious Monster Tea

What motivated you to undertake your current career/business?

Delicious Monster Tea blossomed almost by accident, to be completely honest! The first day I wore one of my t-shirts outside of the house, I was approached by someone asking where it was from. That evening I set up an Etsy shop and the rest is history! I am slowly beginning to see myself as a small business owner rather than a hobby crafter and would love to one day support myself through my embroidery.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do?

Customers, customers, customers! The simple fact that there are women out there buying my work is enough to make me dance around the kitchen.

T-shirts embroidery Delicious Monster Tea


What support have you received along the way to bring your dreams to reality?

I'm lucky because there were virtually no set up costs involved in my start up, so financially I haven't required any support so far. Emotionally, I have received huge support from friends and family.

What skill do you think has been most critical to your success?

Flexibility, I think. Learning to adapt as the business changes - no day is the same!

T-shirts embroidery

How would you describe your day to day look?

Haphazard? I'm not sure I could describe a day to day look as my style constantly changes with my mood - one day I might be head to toe black with biker boots, another I might be in a full length pink and red patterned dress with puff sleeves!

Delicious Monster Tea T-shirts

What or Who has influenced your own personal style?

I hate to admit it, but probably my mum! I spent my childhood mortified at some of the outfits my mum would leave the house wearing, but now find myself recreating many of them!

T-shirts embroidery


What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

A pair of Irregular Choice shoes - they are red suede heels covered in big chunky plastic bluebirds. I would live in them if I could walk in heels...!

Where do you like to shop for your fashion?

I like to support small business as much as possible, but also buy a lot of high street fashion (half my wardrobe is from H&M), occasionally from charity shops or my new online favourite is Monki - they do the most incredible prints and everything is oversized, which I love!

To find out more about Delicious Monster Tea visit  www.deliciousmonstertea.com

T-shirts hand embroidery


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