Hayworths Meets - Annita Kennedy of Mummydraws Illustrations

In our regular blog series 'Hayworths Meets...', we talk to inspirational and creative women and get an insight in to what makes them tick.  We also delve a little bit in to their personal style and find out who or what has influenced them. 

In this interview we meet Annita of Mummydraws, a talented illustrator and artist based in Sydney (also my home town).  I came across Annita on Instagram and fell in love with her illustrations as soon as I saw them. 

What’s your business all about?

Hand drawn illustrations. Studies of people and objects. Floral arrangements and animals.

Describe your career path so far

I studied Surface Design in London and then returned home to Sydney. Since then i have been hand drawing various subjects, mainly floral and wildlife. About a year ago i started doing digital hand drawings and that's pretty much it. I'm currently concentrating on producing a new series of work based around people and flowers.

mummydraws illustrator and artist

What motivated you to undertake your current career/business?

I married an artist who influenced me to be more creative, he pushed me to study at uni and we still discuss, collaborate and push each others work everyday.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do?

When someone wants to put my art up in their home i still feel overwhelmed. its strange to think that something i drew is hanging up somewhere in the world and it makes me happy that what i do is appreciated.

mummydraws illustrations art 

What support have you received along the way to bring your dreams to reality?

I would say my biggest support is my Husband. when he’s working he’s also helping me, when he’s at home and he’s trying to watch Netflix, he’s helping me! But everything i do, has been a solo journey, i work from home with my youngest by my side and in my studio its just me, me and more of me.

What skill do you think has been most critical to your success?

Just very recently i moved from hand drawn illustrations on paper to digital and lets be honest, it will never replace paper and pen BUT it has changed my world for the better. I have learnt so many new things and i’ve taught myself new ways of creating an illustration.

mummydraws artist

How would you describe your day to day look?

I don’t like a lot of colour! I mainly stick to the light neutral colours or black and maybe a little more black! I stay pretty casual during the week and i admire all those ladies out there that are able to pull off red lippy during the day.

annita kennedy style

What or Who has influenced your own personal style?

There are a lot of people in my life that give me inspiration. I think when i was younger and i worked for net-a-porter i learnt so much about fashion and from that i just developed my own style. I’m easily influenced by lots of different people and from that i develop my own style based on an outfit I’ve seen them wearing.

mummydraws illustration


What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

I never got a wedding ring when i got married a really long time ago. So when we had our 10 yr wedding anniversary, i finally got the ring i always wanted. I have a Thomas Wylde Clutch which is nearly 10 years old, it still looks amazing and I use it all the time. Lets also say my iPad Pencil is up there as a top contender for a treasured item.

Where do you like to shop for your fashion?

I like to shop all over - but i usually head to Seed or Country road. H&M and COS for most of my things. I also like ASOS White and Monki.


Annita sells her artwork through her Etsy shop - check it out!


floral illustration flowers


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