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Very excited to announce the new Hayworths’ blog series – ‘Hayworths Meets…….’! This will be a regular blog series where we meet inspirational women and talk about the secrets to their success and what gets them out of bed every morning.  We’ll hear from successful woman and find out how they made their dreams become reality and also get an insight in to their personal style.  

Our very first blog in the series features Allie Price, founder of Lemonhead Crochet, who runs her own business designing and making unique and super cute items that have been lovingly crocheted.

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What's your business all about?

Lemonhead Crochet, plucked completely at random from my brain. I crochet whatever i think of! When I started, I learned to follow patterns (when there are written instructions to crochet something), but I found that I couldn't really develop following pre-designed patterns, so I crochet as I go and take trial and error (as frustrating as it is!) then I sometimes write my own pattern out after. I like to think it makes each piece unique, I'm not copying the work of other crocheters.

Describe your career path so far

So I graduated from a degree in Animal Science in 2014. I work and play with horses and hope to keep working with animals. Work with elephants or rhinos would be amazing, possibly run a small holding, just anything outside and with animals and I'm happy. I'd like to keep running my 'micro' business (Lemonhead Crochet) alongside of course too. I want to keep it relaxed and a bit of a hobby but still have regular orders from people.

What motivated you to undertake your current career/business?

I adore art and crafts and I’ve always been a quirky, arty weirdo really. I have to keep my mind busy with something and I found that crochet was really that 'thing' I needed to explore. There are so many techniques and various pathways with it, so even after a few years of crocheting I'm still learning and making my own patterns. It definitely helps to keep my mental health in check too which of course is massively important for my motivation.

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What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

When people enjoy what I've made, their expressions are brilliant. I adore the reactions of people receiving my miniature crocheted versions of their pets. It's also a great way to connect with old mates again, they'll ask me to make them something and then I get to see them, meet up and chat for a bit- it's really cool.

What support have you received along the way to bring your dreams to reality? 

I've had tremendous support. People I barely speak to will contact me recommending places I can run a stall from, or telling me about how they've recommended me to their friends. The kindness of people is unreal, they'll come out the woodwork just to tell me they love my stuff. 

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What skill do you think has been most critical to your success?

I have this habit of getting super frustrated when I can't crochet a particular shape correctly, it actually makes me quite grumpy and I want to throw it out the window! I'm incredibly stubborn and I hate feeling defeated, but I decided when I'm frustrated, I need to just stop and come back to it later. It's impossible to develop my crochet or even crochet a circle when I'm tired or grumpy, so I force myself to put it down, chill out, come back later. When my mind is in the right place and I've refreshed my eyeballs it makes a world of difference.

How would you describe your day to day look? 

Bit quirky I suppose? Mostly a hippy, bit of a grunge streak in there too. It depends, sometimes I'll be bowling about in men's t shirts looking half asleep, and sometimes I'll go all out with my fishnets and my best dress, there's no in between haha.


What or Who has influenced your own personal style?

In terms of personal style aesthetic that appeal to me; in general it's the whole hippy, quirky vibe that runs in my blood. Vincent Price and Salvador Dali appeal to my vibe, so dramatic and elaborate and eccentric. A naked hippy prancing in the moonlight is also my vibe, nature too. Sometimes if I feel extra special I like to look like a compost heap. 

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

I love shoes, I'd love to collect peculiar artsy shoes. But my most treasured that I own are an old pair of white doc martin loafers that I've worn once in the 8 years I've had them. I prefer to admire them and not wear them as they're too pretty.

Where do you like to shop for your fashion? 
High street ones like your usual top shop, H&M, river island, etc, but if I can find a market place full of the unusual then I'll go there. 

To find out more about Allie's handmade crocheted items check out Allie’s Instagram or Facebook accounts.


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