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Hayworths Stationery

The countdown is on until the Hayworths e-commerce store officially launches in November 2016.

I've been extremely lucky so far to meet and get guidance from a whole range of amazing people.  The Hayworths plan has so far gone something like this:


Jan 2016  
Come up with the business idea and name of the company. I wanted something simple, fitting and easy to spell!
Feb 2016
Register the domain names www.hayworths.co.uk and www.hayworths.com.
Mar-May 2016
Research wholesale suppliers and persuade them to let me sell their things
June 2016
Get introduced and start working with a truly amazing and super friendly web developer (yes Kevin I'm talking about you).
July 2016
Stumble across a great not for profit Ignite Business who provide business  advice and support for start ups and small businesses in Essex.  So lucky and fortunate to meet Emma Milroy who just happened to be a footwear buyer in a previous life.  What are the chances...
August  2016

The Hayworths logo is sorted - so happy with the result. 

Place my first order with Miss L Fire for the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection. The soft-launch of the Hayworths website happens on the last day of August.  You can't buy shoes and accessories yet - but you can read up about the Hayworths brand and various blog posts.

Sept-Oct 2016

All hands on deck to get the Hayworths e-commerce store ready for launch. 

Nov-Dec 2016

What I've been working towards all year - the main event - the   Hayworths e-commerce store goes live!!


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  • Kevin

    Really excited to help get the logo and pre-launch site live. Looking forward to supporting the full launch.

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