Make-over Fun for Hayworths On-line Shop

The other week I met up with my mate Lindsey to do a mini photo shoot to get some more product photos of the jewellery and hair flowers sold through the Hayworths on-line shop. 

Lindsey is re- training to be a make-up artist and hair stylist, so it works really well in terms of growing both our businesses, Lindsey gets to practice her skills on me and I get my hair/make-up done for free and sit in the make-up chair doing ‘not much’ for a wee while…..

vintage style jewellery

vintage style jewellery & hair flowers

One of the main benefits though of teaming up with Lindsey and getting more product photos for the website is so people who jump on the Hayworths on-line shop can get a good idea of what the vintage style shoes, jewellery and hair flowers look like when they’re worn.  Personally, when I shop on-line I like to see things being worn in product photos, so I get a sense of scale/size and also some inspiration about how things can be styled.  I’m also aiming to do some short videos for each of the shoes I sell through the shop in the future.

pin-up hair flowers

Anyway below are a couple more photos to showcase the jewellery and hair flowers that are available through the on-line shop. 

vintage style jewellery & hair flowers

 vintage style jewellery & hair flowers

Til next time.



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