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Hayworths is all about beautiful design, simplicity and longevity and most importantly finding great 'vintage inspired' shoes which have an enduring quality. 

Having been a lover of 'fashion from the past' for a long time (and having a particular fondness for shoes) it was a bit of a no brainer to decide on the business idea for Hayworths.  Put simply - I want to bring the best (brand new) vintage inspired shoes and put them in one place to save women the hassle of trawling numerous websites to find shoes which have a vintage edge to them. 

I started developing the business back in January 2016 after buying a pair of reproduction 1940's shoes from Re-mix Vintage Shoes (pictured below).  It got me thinking about importing vintage inspired shoes to the UK and cutting out the waiting time for the shoes to arrive and also the dreaded customs tax.

Being a small business with limited funds I've put alot of thought in to the stock which I want to start with initially.  After approaching Miss L Fire and visiting their showroom I decided this was a brand that would be a great place to start.  They have oodles of styles that fit every occasion and are very understanding of newbies to footwear retailing.

Over time the aim is to significantly expand the brands and range of shoes that are sold through Hayworths.  One of the brands I would love to import from the US to the UK is B.A.I.T Footwear - they have a super collection of styles in a range of great colours.  Other important factors include giving customers a great shopping experience through the on-line store and a variety of delivery methods to make it as easy as possible for lovely customers to receive their goods. 

The on-line store will officially open 11 November 2016 and as well as the Autumn/Winter collection of shoes (pictured below) there will be a range of accessories (bangles, necklaces, earrings and hair flowers) to choose from. 

The gorgeous 'Elisabetta' in navy with leather/suede upper. 

Next up the comfy 'Daisy' in black patent with a delicate little heel.

The lovely 'Loretta' in red lurex - the ultimate party/good time shoe. 

Last but not least - an autumn/winter essential the 'Astaire' boot with a 60's vibe and an art deco embellishment on the heel. 

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Til next time!

Hayworths Founder



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