SALE - 35% Off All Chie Mihara Shoes - Starts Boxing Day

The Chie Mihara shoe sale will be kicking off on Boxing Day!!

You can bag 35% off all Chie Mihara styles while the Sale is on.  Make sure to use the Code: CHIE35 when you get to the Checkout.

The Chie Mihara shoe brand is the most recent brand to join the Hayworths' curated shoe collection.  Beautifully hand crafted shoes made in Spain, the focus of these shoes is very much on quality, comfort and longevity.   Steering away from 'fast fashion', Hayworths is all about bringing you gorgeous shoes that you'll be wearing for years to come. 

The Chie Mihara collection features 3 styles - two of which are exclusive, limited editions to Hayworths.  Only six pairs were made of each style. 

First up is the elegant, limited edition 'Camille', suede mid heel. Wear Camille to a special occasion you've got coming up or just for the hell of it!  

Chie Mihara labai shoes

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Next in the collection is the super sophisticated, limited edition 'Greta' slip on.  A versatile shoe that is seriously comfortable and would be a great work shoe. 

Chie Mihara Keisu Shoes

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Last but not least, the unique and timeless 'Carmen' mid heel with side zip.  A great shoe for work or going out. 

Chie Mihara Arene Shoes

SHOP NOW (Use Code: CHIE35)

The Sale will only be on for a limited time and with only 6 pairs made of each style, make sure you get in early. 

 All photos taken by talented photographer: Cristina Schek 


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