Infusing Retro Style in to Your Wardrobe

Although I don't usually replicate outfits from particular periods in fashion I do like to inject a bit of vintage or retro style in to what I throw on. 

After coming up with the idea of Hayworths and the grand plan of providing a one stop shop for  vintage inspired shoes I thought it made sense to provide a range of retro accessories as well.   Having followed a number of vintage blogs for a while (Diary of a Vintage Girl always a favourite) it provided a good grounding on where to turn to for those 'vintage inspired/retro' brands. 

I can't recall exactly when I came across Splendette - but I do remember falling in love immediately with the Fakelite collection, particularly the assortment of bangles!  This is a spin on Bakelite jewellery which was popular from the early 1900's up til the 1940's and worn by women of the day as costume jewellery.   Buying genuine bakelite jewellery can be expensive - so it's great to find a brand like Splendette which manufactures its range of Fakelite.   When the e-commerce store launches in November 2016 I will be selling bangles, earrings and necklaces from Splendette.

To add a bit of colour and interest to my outfits I've always been partial to a hair flower. There are quite a few colours and sizes to choose from nowdays and they can add a vintage flavour to your outfit.   If you have the time and energy - they go great when you curl your hair and create a 40's or 50's hairstyle.  I was lucky enough to come across the lovely Lady Lucks Boutique and will be selling a range of hair flowers and also bamboo bangles through the Hayworths e-commerce store. 


Til next time!

Hayworths Founder


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  • Jeanette Shaw

    Congratulations Hollie on your amazing contribution to keeping vintage alive! Individual style is so important, it defines who we are!

    Hoping your message gets through and individuals respond and appreciate your sincerity!

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