The Hayworths Brand

At Hayworths we seek out fashion that has 'enduring style' and steers away from the disposable and 'fast' fashion that you often come across. Hayworths aims to provide women with shoes and accessories they can wear year in and year out due to their timeless qualities.  

The words 'simplicity' and 'longevity' are words which run through the heart of Hayworths.  Taking good design from by-gone eras and giving it a modern twist so that women can experiment and inject elements of the past in to their own style and wardrobe.   Hayworths handpick a range of 'vintage inspired' shoes and accessories from the UK and further afield and put them in one place.  Founded in 2016 by Hollie Shaw and based in the UK, the e-commerce store sells brand new items and a handpicked selection  of brands at prices to suit a range of budgets.  The intention is to increase the number of brands and choice over time and introduce a selection of vintage inspired shoes for men.  Who knows, there may even be a 'Hayworths' range of shoes down the track...

As well as injecting enduring style and uniqueness in to women's wardrobes we like to live by our  values of social responsibility, integrity, authenticity and longevity and provide people with a great shopping experience.   The e-commerce store delivers to customers in the UK, Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.


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