Corporate Responsibillity

Being a socially responsible business is important to Hayworths.  Having worked in the corporate responsibility team at IBM,  the Hayworths founder Hollie wants to ensure that the company strives to minimise its impact on the environment and support projects that address social challenges across the world.   Some of the ways that the business is demonstrating its role as a responsible business include:


To minimise the company's 
environmental footprint Hayworths aims to minimise packaging to its most efficient level, enable re-use where possible and select materials which are recycled or easily recyclable.  


Hayworths actively encourages its customers to re-cycle their unwanted clothing and shoes and in-turn significantly reduce the amount of clothing and footwear that goes to landfill. Hayworths supports the mission of TRAID (a UK charity working to stop clothes/footwear from being thrown away).  TRAID turns clothes waste into funds and resources to reduce the environmental and social impacts of our clothes. TRAID does this by providing the UK public with a network of over 1,500 charity clothes banks, home collections and charity shops diverting around 3,000 tonnes of clothes from landfill and incineration every year. 


To encourage UK customers to re-cycle unwanted clothing and footwear - Hayworths developed the #hayworthshoardless initiative. To get involved simply follow the below steps:

  1. Bag up your unwanted (clean) clothing and footwear. 

  2. Donate your clothes to TRAID through a variety of methods - you can check out the options here.   

  3. To show that you've re-cycled your clothing/footwear take a selfie in front of a TRAID     collection bin, out the front of a TRAID store, standing beside a TRAID collection van or out the front of a Doddle store.  Upload the photo to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #hayworthshoardless - so the Hayworths team can see you've done your bit!

  4. Hayworths will get in touch via social media and send you a promotion code to get 15% off your next order.  If for some strange reason you haven't been contacted by Hayworths   within 10 working days of uploading your selfie to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook - please send an email to

There's still lots more to do on being a socially responsible business - but hopefully you'll agree it's a good start...!

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